• 3M Comply SteamClox Multiparameter Indicator 00103

3M Comply SteamClox Multiparameter Indicator 00103

3M Infection Prevention


  • Box of 250
  • Multiparameter Indicator
  • Flower indicator pattern
  • Colour interpretation
  • 3 top indicator spots
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  • SMB Code : I15-516
  • MFG Code : 103
  • Pack Size : Box of 250
  • MRP : 6750
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  • The 3M Steam-Clox indicator gives you assurance of the steam sterilization process
  • Its internal chemical indicators monitor all conditions necessary for steam sterilization inside packs for 121ºC or 134 ºC gravity/ vacuum assisted steam sterilization process
  • The device is equipped with flower indicator pattern that provides more information than a “pass or fail” colour interpretation; the sequential clockwise pattern of colour development also indicates two levels of insufficient exposure and one level of overexposure
  • The three top indicator spots (numbers 1, 2 and 3) should turn from purple to green indicating that the items in the pack, peel pouch, unwrapped tray, or rigid container were exposed to sufficient steam sterilization conditions
  • The failure of indicator spot number 3 to change from purple to green indicates insufficient exposure to steam sterilization conditions inside the pack
  • The colour changes with indicator spots numbers 1, 2 and 4 provide information on the degree of insufficient or sufficient conditions of exposure
  • These indicators come in a standard packing of 250 units per pack


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