• 3M Tegaderm Adult Peripheral IV Transparent Dressing

3M Tegaderm Adult Peripheral IV Transparent Dressing

3M Critical & Chronic Care Solutions


  • Size: 6cm X 7cm
  • Box of 100
  • Dressing Frame Style
  • Peripheral IV Dressing
  • Breathable Film
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  • SMB Code : I15-67
  • MFG Code : 1623W
  • Pack Size : Box of 100
  • MRP : 7900
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  • The 3M Tegaderm Adult Peripheral IV Dressing is a dressing meant for fixation of ported peripheral IV cannulae used in short term IV therapy
  • It is a transparent dressing which allows for easy monitoring of wounds and the IV site without having to remove the dressing
  • It is a conformable dressing which flexes along with the skin thus offering enhanced patient comfort
  • The picture frame design style enables one handed application of the dressing
  • The transparent film is breathable allowing the exchange of moisture and oxygen and the provision of a moist environment for quicker wound healing
  • The dressing is sterile, water proof and acts as a viral and bacterial barrier to contamination from the outside
  • The patient can shower with the dressing strapped
  • Indicated applications include securing of:
    - Peripheral and midline venous catheters
    - Central venous catheters
    - Wide range of catheters – dialysis, pulmonary, arterial, epidural
    - Ported IV cannulae
  • The 3M Tegaderm Adult Peripheral IV Dressing is available in the size of 6cm * 7cm and is available is a standard packing of 100 dressings per box


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Customer reviews

Dr J P Ravani
This versatile dressing can be used anywhere for many catheters and tubes. Epidural, Arterial, Dialysis and many more. The biggest plus point is its breathability and transparency, therefore, we dont need to remove the dressing to check on the needle.
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