• Baxter Tisseel Kit Fibrin Sealant
  • Baxter Tisseel Kit Fibrin Sealant

Baxter Tisseel Kit Fibrin Sealant

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  • Upon mixing Sealer Protein (Human) and Thrombin (Human)
  • it quickly sets to form a white
  • elastic mass which firmly adheres to the tissue i.e.
  • wound surface and achieves hemostasis and sealing or gluing of tissues
  • Fibrinogen is converted to fibrin strands that join into net-like matrices
  • In the course of wound healing the solidified fibrin sealant is completely absorbed
  • Indications:#TISSEEL KIT is used to achieve hemostasis
  • to seal or glue tissue
  • and to support wound healing. In certain applications biocompatible material
  • such as collagen fleece
  • is used as a carrier substance or for reinforcement
    Indications include
  • but are not limited to:#Hemostasis: Hemostasis in diffuse bleedings
  • after joint and bone surgery
  • adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy as well as after maxillodental surgery in patients with bleeding disorders
  • sealing of the prostatic bed after prostatectomy.
  • Sealing: Coating and sealing of vascular prostheses
  • tympanoplasty
  • management of C.S.F. fistulae and dura lesions
  • treatment of premature rupture of the membranes in pregnancy by sealing of the lower amniotic region
  • air-tight sealing of sutures in lung parenchyma and pleura
  • of sutures in trachea
  • bronchus and oesophagus
  • management of malignant pleural effusion
  • sealing of the lens after injuries with perforations
  • sealing of suture lines to prevent leakage of intestinal anastomoses
  • additional sealing of sutured microvascular anastomoses
  • etc.
  • Tissue gluing: Gluing of parenchyma in surgery on the kidney
  • liver
  • spleen and pancreas
  • spongiosa grafting when packing bone cavities and defects
  • pleurodesis in spontaneous pneumo thorax
  • fixation of skin grafts and flaps
  • fixation of osteochondral fragments and implants
  • gluing of peripheral nerves
  • plastic surgery after opening of the maxillary sinus etc.
  • Support of Wound Healing: Skin grafting on devascularised and infected recipient sites
  • management of skin necrosis and mucosal ulcers
  • incorporation of homologous bone grafts.
    Safety and Efficacy:#Manufactured using processed
  • screened pooled human plasma
  • a vapor heating process
  • and a solvent detergent process
  • Satisfactory for use in fully heparinized patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass
  • Tisseel Kit can even be applied in fully heparinized patients(eg extracorporeal circulations)


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