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Ethicon Mersutures Surgical Sutures Combo*

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  • Surgical gut suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation
  • including use in ophthalmic procedures
  • but not for use in cardiovascular and neurological tissues.
  • Surgical gut sutures
  • being absorbable
  • should not be used where extended approximation of tissue is required.
  • When surgical gut suture is placed in tissue
  • a moderate tissue inflammation occurs
  • which is characteristic of foreign body response to a substance. This is followed by loss of tensile strength and a loss of suture mass
  • as the proteolytic enzymatic digestive process dissolves the surgical gut. This process continues until the suture is completely absorbed.
  • Many variable factors may affect the rate of absorption. Some of the major factors which can affect tensile strength loss and absorption rates are:
  • Type of suture: plain gut generally absorbs more rapidly than chromic gut.
  • Infection: surgical gut is absorbed more rapidly in infected tissue than non-infected tissue.
  • Tissue sites: surgical gut will absorb more rapidly in tissue where increased levels of proteolytic enzymes are present
  • as in the secretions exhibited in the stomach
  • cervix and vagina.
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