• Pulse Lavage

Guangzhou Cleanest Pulsed Lavage



  • For orthopaedic procedures
  • For wound debridement
  • Removes 90% necrotic tissues
  • Ergonomic
  • Lightweight
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  • SMB Code : I68-1
  • MFG Code : W-202
  • Pack Size : Single
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  • The application of Pulsed Lavage has been clinically proven to be essential for both orthopaedic procedures and wound debridement
  • In arthroplasty, bone bed cleaning with a Pulsed Lavage is a key aspect to the long-term survival of the prosthesis
  • In wound debridement, it effectively removes more than 90% of the necrotic tissues, contaminant and bacteria, consequently reduces infections rates
  • The CLEANEST Pulsed Lavage System is designed accordingly to fulfil these functions
  • This ergonomic, low noise, lightweight system offers both a powerful gear for orthopaedic applications and a gentle gear for soft tissue debridement
  • The concurrent suction and irrigation efficiently does its job without flooding the field

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