• Imanano Nanotherapeutic Knee Cooling Pad

Imanano Nanotherapeutic Knee Cooling Pad



  • For Knee
  • Nanotherapeutic device
  • Reduce swelling & pain
  • Used post ortho procedures
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  • The Imanano Nanotherapeutic Knee Cooling Pad is used post ortho procedures or in case of injury where doctors wan a uniform cooling to the patient
  • Able to managing inflammation and pain following knee replacement surgery is to provide cooling therapy as soon as possible
  • Post procedure; apply the device Cooling Support on the operative site over sterile dressing. The cooling effectiveness is maximized by close contact with the skin
  • Able to use immediately after procedure with thinner dressings
  • The device helps to reduce swelling and reduce pain. Having the patient use for at least the first 14 days, should be able to accelerate the body’s natural healing ability
  • The optimum cooling temperature zone (50°F to 59°F) and will allows the knee support to be used continuously, 24 hours a day, or as often as the patient must feels comfortable in using the support, without any risk of frostbite or ice burns
  • The support of device must be last 45-120 minutes before it needs to be re-cooled. The device must be checked by seeing how much of the cooling crystals have turned from white to clear
  • Usage:
    - The knee can be cooled before and after physical therapy
    - The device should be used any time the patient feels tired or inflamed from daily activities
    - Anytime relief is needed from either swelling or pain, the device must be used to provide added comfort

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