• Medtronic Everest30 Inflation Device

Medtronic Everest30 Inflation Device

Medtronic Cardio Vascular


  • 30 atm gauge
  • With 3 Way stopcock
  • Quick trigger release
  • Unique ergonomic pistol grip
  • Sure grip torque knob
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  • SMB Code : I85-429
  • MFG Code : AC3200
  • Pack Size : Box of 5
  • MRP : 35000
34,692.0 (1% Off)

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  • Includes one Everest 30 Inflation device & a stopcock
  • The Everest 30 inflation device is a disposable inflation device with a 30 atmospheric pressure gauge
  • Quick Trigger Release enables the release of pressure immediately even at higher pressures. This Allows for one handed operation & there is no need to dial down the pressure before releasing.
  • The Ridged design of the Sure Grip Torque Knob ensures no slip torque control for precise pressure adjustment.
  • The Ergonomic pistol grip design with a centered trigger fits comfortably in either hand.
  • A 3 way stopcock is included for prepping the everest inflation device.

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