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Niscomed Portable Suction System


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  • SMB Code : I80-48
  • MFG Code : SU-102
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 10500
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  • The Niscomed Portable Suction System is a Portable phlegm suction unit comes with a new design with an oil-free lubrication pump, developed after a long research and development
  • It is specially designed to absorb thick liquid such as blood, phlegm or any other liquid waste
  • The product is widely accepted and used across hospitals, medical institutions and homes
  • The machine is crafted with high-grade plastic parts for better finish and durability of the product
  • Silent pump maintains low noise-level while maintaining proper pressure to absorb liquid waste
  • It is fitted within a plastic 1000 ml reservoir
  • Technical Specifications:
    - Max Negative Pressure Value: >_ 0.075MPa
    - Voltage: AC 220 V/50Hz
    - Reservoir Volume: 1000ml
    - Power: 90VA
    - Pumping Rate: >_ 18L/Min