• Romsons Dialex Dial Type Blood Pressure Monitor

Romsons Dialex Dial Type Blood Pressure Monitor


  • Measurement: 0-300mm Hg
  • Scale grading: 2mm Hg
  • Measurement precision: ±3mmHg
  • Colour: Blue
  • Special cuff for excellent grip
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  • SMB Code : I46-405
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  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 1000
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  • The Romsons DIALEX Dial Type Blood Pressure Monitor is an Aneroid Sphygomanometer which is very easy to use and allows for clinically accurate measurements
  • It is Blue in Colour
  • Technical specifications:
    - Scale grading: 2mm Hg intervals
    - Measurement pressure range: 0-300mm Hg
    - Measurement precision: ±3mmHg
  • It has crystal clear cover glass for best visibility
  • It has a special cuff for excellent grip
  • Precautions:- The cuff should not be inflated beyond a pressure of 300mm of Hg
    - Protect the machine against shocks
    - The rubber portions must be protected from sharp objects
    - Check the instrument periodically and recalibrate if required
    - Do not use liquids to clean the instrument