• Romsons Portneb Nebulizer

Romsons Portneb Nebulizer



  • Valve Adjustable Technology
  • Medication Capacity: 5ml(cc)
  • Consistent particle size: <=3μm
  • Tubeless Design
  • Portable
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  • The Romsons Portneb Nebulizer is a compact, light weight and portable nebulizer for instant relief
  • The nebulizer has a handheld, tubeless and low noise design for nebulization anywhere
  • The hand held nebulizer is equipped with patented "Valve Adjustable Technology"
  • This nebuliser is a type of inhaler that sprays a fine, liquid mist of medication
  • The nebulizer machine is commonly used in people who cannot use a metered dose inhaler
  • PORTNEB consists of an air compressor, a cup for medication, and tubing connected to a mouthpiece or mask through which the medication is inhaled
  • The medications used in nebuliser machine helps by loosening the mucus in the lungs so that it can be coughed out more easily
  • They also help relax the airway muscles so that more air can move in and out of the lungs
  • Breathing the medication straight into the lungs can work better and faster than taking the medication by mouth
  • Technical Specifications:
    ◦ Average nebulization rate: Fully open- >=0.2ml/min, Closed valve- >=0.08ml/min
    ◦ Medication capacity: 5ml (cc)
    ◦ Consistent particle size: <=3μm
  • Nebulizer is a device used for producing a fine spray of liquid, used for example for inhaling a medicinal drug. Doctors prescribes a nebulizer as treatment or breathing therapy. The device delivers the same types of medication as metered-dose inhalers (MDIs), which are the familiar pocket-sized inhalers. Nebulizers may be easier to use than MDIs, especially for children who aren’t old enough to properly use inhalers, or adults with severe asthma.
  • A nebulizer turns liquid medicine into a mist to help treat your respiratory issues. They come in electric or battery-run variants. Thse nebulizers come in both a portable size you can carry with you and a larger size that’s meant to sit on a table and plug into a wall. Both are made up of a base that holds an air compressor, a small container for liquid medicine, and a tube that connects the air compressor to the medicine container. Above the medicine container is a mouthpiece or mask you use to inhale the mist.
  • How to use a Nebulizer:
    ◦ Put the compressor on a flat surface where it can safely reach an outlet
    ◦ Check to make sure all the pieces are clean
    ◦ Wash your hands before prepping the medication
    ◦ If your medication is premixed, place it in the container. If you need to mix it, measure the correct amount, and then place it in the container
    ◦ Connect the tube to the compressor and the liquid container
    ◦ Attach the mouthpiece or mask
    ◦ Turn on the switch and check to see that the nebulizer is misting
    ◦ Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and close your mouth around it or put the mask securely over your nose and mouth, leaving no gaps
    ◦ Slowly breath in and out until the medicine is gone. This may take five to 15 minutes.
    ◦ Keep the liquid container upright throughout the treatment
  • How To Clean The Parts:
    ◦ Clean the parts after each use
    ◦ Discard any remaining medication in the medication cup
    ◦ Wash the parts in warm water and mild detergent
    ◦ Rinse them thoroughly with clean hot tap water and allow to air dry in a clean place
    ◦ Do Not Disinfect the Air Tube and Child Mask in boiling water

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