• Viggovein IV Cannula without Injection Port

Viggovein IV Cannula without Injection Port


  • Size: 24G/26G
  • Box of 50
  • Kink resistant
  • Double tapered moulded cannula
  • Transparent flashback chamber
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  • SMB Code : I90-6
  • MFG Code :
  • Pack Size : Box of 50
  • MRP : 9000
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  • The Viggovein IV Cannula without Injection Port is specially designed for continuous peripheral intra venous infusion
  • It is a kink resistant FEP-Teflon cannula which has extremely smooth inner and out surface to ensure minimum trauma and smooth flow
  • The double tapered moulded cannula trip ensures smooth and less traumatic cannulation
  • It has super sharp Japanses trip facette beveled needle which is specially designed with two cutting edges for smooth penetration
  • The transparent flashback chamber allows immediate detection of blood
  • The cannula is colour coded for instant size identification
  • It is sterile and individually packed in blister pack
  • The cannula is available in the sizes of 24G and 26G
  • They come in a standard packing of 50 units per box