• Acon Pregnancy Test Kit

Acon Pregnancy Test Kit



  • Box of 40
  • 99% accurate
  • Single drug test card
  • FDA Approved
  • Quick & qualitative detection
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  • Pack Size : Box of 40
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  • The Acon Pregnancy Test Kit is a single drug test card for the qualitative detection of the following Metabolites in Urine
  • This home pregnancy test kit is simple to administer, dip-and-read drug test designed to detect human chroionic gonadotropin (HCG) in urine
  • This self pregnancy test kit allows for results to be declared in just a few minutes
  • The kit shows 99% accurate results
  • This pregnancy test kit from Acon is FDA Approved
  • They come in a standard packing of 40 kits per box
  • Instructions to use:
    ◦ The pregnancy test can be performed at any time of the day; however, testing first morning urine is preferable
    ◦ Urinate into a clean, dry cup or container
    ◦ Remove the testing device from the foil pouch by tearing at the notch. Hold the strip at the coloured end. (Do not touch the arrow end; do not touch the test window/the middle part of the strip)
    ◦ Holding the strip vertically, immerse the end of the strip with the arrows into the specimen. Do not immerse past the Max line
    ◦ Take the strip out when the sample has migrated to the test window (at least 5 seconds). Lay the strip (Max side facing up) flat on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface
  • How to read results:
    Positive Result: One red line appears in the Control (C) region . No line appears in the Test (T) region.
    Negative Result: Two red lines appear. One red line should be in the control (C) region & another red or pink line should be in the Test (T) region.
    Invalid Result: Control (C) line fails to appear. Insufficient specimen volume or Incorrect procedural techniques are the most likely reasons for the Control line failure.

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