• ADfusion Double Lumen Haemodialysis Catheter - Mini Pack

ADfusion Double Lumen Haemodialysis Catheter - Mini Pack

Advanced LifeSciences (ALSPL)


  • Size: 11.5/12Fr
  • Length: 13/16 cm
  • Guidewire/Intro. Needle Excluded
  • Curved Extensions
  • Rotating Suture Wing
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  • SMB Code : I103-14
  • MFG Code : AFDLCM 11.5-13
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 2545
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  • The ADfusion Double Lumen Haemodialysis Catheter has a soft tip which helps in reducing the trauma to vessel wall upon introduction and in-situ. The radiopaque catheter and tip facilitates vessel location when visualized by X-Ray
  • The sufficient radiopaque material ensures the correct placement of catheter which makes it easy to find under X-ray
  • The catheter is equipped with curved extensions for jugular vein approaches to make the catheter more comfortable for the patient
  • The rotating suture wings provides secure external anchoring
  • The catheter is available in the size of 11.5 and 12 French and in the lengths of 13 and 16 cm
  • The mini pack contains 1 double lumen catheter and 1 vessel dilator
  • The pack does not contain Guidewire and Introducer Needle
  • They come in a standard packing of 25 units per pack


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