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Airways Surgicals Laryngeal Mask - PVC

Airways Surgicals


  • PVC Mask
  • Size: 1/2/3/4/5
  • Neonate/Paed./Adult
  • Latex free
  • Low-pressure seal
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  • SMB Code : I47-169
  • MFG Code :
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 1200
543.2 (55% Off)

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  • The Airways Surgicals Laryngeal mask is an alternative airway device used for anaesthesia and airway support
  • It consists of an inflatable mask and connecting tube
  • It is inserted blindly into the pharynx, forming a low-pressure seal around the laryngeal inlet and permitting gentle positive pressure ventilation
  • All parts of the mask are latex-free
  • These are available in the sizes of:
    ◦ 1 (Neonate)
    ◦ 2 (Paediatric)
    ◦ 3 (Small Adult)
    ◦ 4 (Medium Adult)
    ◦ 5 (Large Adult)

Customer reviews

Dr. Pravin S.Parekh
I regularly buy Airways Masks from Smart Medical Buyer, because we have always relied on Airways to give the best support for aneasthesia, and the deals on the SMB website are amazing! Also appreciate the quick delivery and support from the team regarding our products.