• Aspirate Aspiration Catheter

Aspirate Aspiration Catheter

Advanced LifeSciences (ALSPL)


  • Size: 6Fr
  • For Thrombus Removal
  • Rapid Exchange
  • Includes Filter Basket
  • Hydrophilic Coating
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  • SMB Code : I103-231
  • MFG Code : ASP-6F
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 51700
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  • The Aspirate Aspiration Catheter is a rapid exchange type catheter used for the removal of thrombus and debris in the coronary or peripheral arteries via percutaneous suction
  • It is is designed to provide an efficient and effective solution for thrombus removal
  • The catheter also offers excellent tractability, pushability, and aspiration volume
  • The pre-loaded stylet provides improved pushability and kink resistance, ensuring optimal catheter delivery in tortuous anatomy
  • The catheter is coated with Hydrophilic Coating that allows for easy navigation through tortuous anatomy
  • The smoothness of the catheter provides excellent flexibility and lumenal volume
  • The device is equipped with large aspiration ports that allows for a higher rate of aspiration and increased aspiration volume
  • The aspiration catheter has a short tip design for deliverability and increased safety during the aspiration procedure
  • Technical Specifications:
    - Platform : 6F thrombosis aspiration catheter
    - Coating : Hydrophilic coating present on distal shaft
    - Rapid Exchange Segment : 30mm ± 5mm
    - Radiopaque Marker Band : Located 6mm from distal tip
    - Wire Compatibility : 0.014” (0.36mm)
    - Usable Catheter Length : 135 cm
    - Regulatory Status: DGCI Approved
  • Includes:
    - 30ml polycarbonate locking syringes (x2)
    - Extension line with stopcock (x1)
    - 40μm filter basket (x1)


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