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Romsons Cell Mat Pressure Mattress with Motor



  • Pressure Mattress with Motor
  • Low air loss
  • Prevents bed sores
  • Keeps the skin dry
  • Weight support upto 110kg
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  • SMB Code : I46-129
  • MFG Code : GS-9009
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 12000
6,645.0 (45% Off)

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  • The Romsons Cell Mat Pressure Mattress is a low air loss, alternating pressure mattress
  • It helps keep the skin dry and provide pressure relief
  • It prevents bed sores/accelerate healing of existing bedsores
  • The pressure mattress keeps the interface pressure against patients skin at a level below capillary occlusion
  • The pump operates at very low sound level
  • The pump can also be hung to the end of the bed by means of 2 hooks
  • The mattress can resist a temperature of -30 degree Celsius and supports weight of 110 kg
  • The dimensions of the mattress is (LXWXH): 180 X 80 X 7.5 cm
  • It is individually packed and the kit consists of mattress, motor and spare cell

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