• Coloplast Filtrodor Ostomy Pouch Filter

Coloplast Filtrodor Ostomy Pouch Filter



  • Box of 50
  • Charcoal Activated
  • Adjustable Flow Rate
  • Minimizes Ballooning
  • Easy to Use
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  • SMB Code : I126-26
  • MFG Code : 509
  • Pack Size : Box of 50
  • MRP : 1600
1384.14 (13% Off)

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  • The Coloplast Filtrodor Ostomy Pouch Filter is a disposable, self-adhering charcoal filter that can be applied to the outside of the pouch
  • Most Coloplast ostomy appliances have an integrated charcoal filter that controls gas
  • The Coloplast Filtrodor is a charcoal filter that adheres to your ostomy appliance for added protection against odors from your stoma
  • Odor is neutralized when gas passes through the carbon filter
  • The automatic gas outlet regulates the pressure in the pouch and minimizes ballooning
  • The capacity of the filter can be increased by making extra perforations between the pouch and filter
  • The filter is adhesive and attaches easily to the ostomy pouch
  • Perforations (to express gas through the filter and out of the pouch) are made with the special pin provided
  • They come in a standard packing of 50 units per box

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