• Datt Velcare Lymphedema Kit for Leg

Datt Velcare Lymphedema Kit for Leg

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  • For Edema Management
  • Kit contains 19 items
  • Lymphedema Kit
  • Reduces Filtration Rate
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  • SMB Code : I38-220
  • MFG Code : 880009
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 5130
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  • The Datt Velcare Lymphedema Kit for Leg helps in reducing the filtration rate
  • The Velcare Lymphedema Kit improves the efficiency of muscle and joint pumps
  • The compression bandage prevents the reaccumulation of evacuated lymph fluid
  • The package contains:
    ◦ 5 Velform - C in the size of 2.5 cm x 3.5 m
    ◦ 2 Velnet in the size of 20 cm x 1.5 m
    ◦ 2 FoamBand in the size of 10 cm x 2.5 m
    ◦ 1 Velkomp in the size of 8 cm x 4.5 m
    ◦ 3 Velkomp in the size of 10 cm x 4.5 m
    ◦ 2 Velkomp in the size of 12 cm x 4.5 m
    ◦ 2 Velpore - SR in the size of 1'' x 5 m
    ◦ 1 Velcare Foam in the size of 9 cm x 1 cm
    ◦ 1 Carry Bag
  • Details of Components:
    Velnet (100% Cotton Stockinette): Made up of 100% Cotton which absorbs excess perspiration, it is important to use a stockinette underneath compression bandages. It is used to protect the skin.
    Velform-C (Woven Conforming Retention Bandage): Used to wrap individual digits and to keep foam rubber pads in place before short stretch bandages are applied.
    FoamBand (Soft Foam Bandage): Applied just prior to the actual compression bandages. To cushion the limb & prevent sharp indentations or irritation of the skin. Serve to distribute the pressure evenly over area of arm or leg.
    Velkomp Short stretch Compression Bandage: Used to achieve the required compression
    Velcare Foam (High Density Foam Rubber): The use of pre-made or custom cut foam pads is recommended for anatomical indentations surrounding bony prominences (eg: Ankle & Wrist)
    Velpore - SR (Surgical Paper Tape): Used to secure the short stretch bandages to avoid slippage for effective compression

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Customer reviews

Uthra S
2019-09-06 20:23:14
The stockinette provided is too loose. It can be made bit small with more elasticity. More micropore tape can be provided.
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