• Intersurgical Inter-Therm BVF/HME Filter

Intersurgical Inter-Therm BVF/HME Filter



  • Filtration efficiency: >99.998%
  • Compressible volume: 57 ml
  • Connectors: 22F/15M-22M-15F
  • Weight: 31 g
  • Sterile
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  • SMB Code : I55-16
  • MFG Code : 1341000S
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 375
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  • The Intersurgical Inter-Therm BVF/HME Filter is designed for use in breathing systems in the operating theatre and the intensive care unit
  • The Inter-Therm sterile heat and moisture exchange filters includes a wound paper HME media, providing a further choice for our customers
  • Inter-Therm Mini Angled offers an easy to use option with an integral 90 degree elbow for paediatrics, reducing the need for an additional catheter mount or separate patient elbow - provided only sterile
  • The Intersurgical breathing filters provides an effective barrier against the passage of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Corona viruses (MERS CoV) in respiratory breathing systems
  • Technical Specifications:
    ◦ Filtration efficiency: >99.998%
    ◦ Moisture loss: 6 mg H2O/l
    ◦ Calculated moisture return: 32.3 mg H2O/l
    ◦ Resistance at 30L/min: 1.6 cm H2O
    ◦ Resistance at 60L/min: 2.7 cm H2O
    ◦ Compressible volume: 57 ml
    ◦ Weight: 31 g
    ◦ Connectors: 22F/15M-22M-15F
    ◦ Minimum tidal volume: >180ml
  • Breathing filters are used to offer outstanding validated filtration efficiency for use in anaesthesia and intensive care. These filters are designed for the protection of the patient, hospital personnel and the equipment from potential microbial contamination.
  • Breathing filters and Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HME) help facilitate the normal warming, humidifying and filtering functions of the upper respiratory tract for a patient undergoing anesthesia or in intensive care. While heat and moisture exchangers regulate the inspired air by preventing the loss of moisture and heat, bacterial viral filters prevent transmission of hazardous particulate matter and microbes from the surrounding environment into the breathing system.
  • The use of filters is recommended to reduce the risk of cross-infection during procedures involving anesthesia if the breathing system is used for more than one patient. HME filters also reduce the need for cleaning tubing and equipment, making them more convenient for healthcare personnel when compared to the use of active humidifiers. They are better-suited for short-term use (less than or equal to 96 hours) and during patient transfer.
  • It is recommended to change the filter after each patient. The filters should be changed in every 24 hours if used on a single patient for a prolonged period.

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