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Intersurgical Nasal Cannula



  • Neonate/Paediatric/Adult
  • Tube Length: 1.8/2.1m
  • Curved/Straight Prong
  • Multi-channel design
  • With ear guards
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  • SMB Code : I55-73
  • MFG Code : 1163000
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 125
80.6 (35% Off)

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  • The Intersurgical Nasal Cannula is available for adult, paediatric and neonates patients with a wide selection of prong shapes to suit all patient requirements
  • All oxygen tubing in the range is manufactured in a multi-channel design, which permits oxygen flow even if the tubing is kinked
  • Ear guards provides an additional comfort benefit that come pre-attached to the cannula designed for patient satisfaction
  • The nasal cannula is available in 3 variants:
    - Size: Paediatric, 2.1 m Tube, Curved Prong
    - Size: Neonatal, 2.1 m Tube, Curved Prong
    - Size: Adult, 1.8 m Tube, Straight Prong

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