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Intersurgical Solus Wire Reinforced Laryngeal Mask



  • Size: 2/2.5/3/4/5
  • Wire Reinforced
  • Latex Free
  • Paediatric/Adult
  • Single use
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  • SMB Code : I55-68
  • MFG Code : 8002001
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 1500
974.4 (35% Off)

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  • The Intersurgical has introduced a single use laryngeal mask airway The Solus due to growing concerns about the risk of cross infection
  • This is ideal for use in both anaesthesia and emergency medicine
  • The materials used in the manufacture of the Solus have been specifically chosen to provide the product with the quality, flexibility and strength required to work effectively within a range of demanding clinical applications, such as paediatric anaesthesia
  • The Solus Flexible provides an ideal solution for shared airway procedures such as ENT, dental, oro-maxillary and eye surgery where the rigidity of airway devices can obscure surgical access
  • The wire-reinforced tube permits flexion without kinking and can be moved at any time mid-procedure without concern for cessation of gas flow
  • These are available in multiple sizes:
    ◦ Size: 2, Paediatric (Small, 10-20 Kg)
    ◦ Size: 2.5, Paediatric (Large, 20-30 Kg)
    ◦ Size: 3, Adult (Small, 30-50 Kg)
    ◦ Size: 4, Adult (Medium, 50-70 Kg)
    ◦ Size: 5, Adult (Large, 70+ Kg)

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