•  Medtronic Merocel Standard Nasal Dressing with Drawstrings

Medtronic Merocel Standard Nasal Dressing with Drawstrings


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  • SMB Code : I131-3
  • MFG Code : 440402
  • Pack Size : Pack of 10
  • MRP : 5321
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  • The Medtronic Merocel Standard Nasal Dressing process uses purified air to form the pores of the sponge material, instead of pore-forming chemical additives
  • Pore-forming chemical additives, such as starch/sulfate combinations, cannot be removed completely from the finished product
  • These pore formers are contaminants for many applications
  • The Merocel PVA sponge material has 100% open pores in a structure with no dead-end pockets that hold residues
  • This contributes to very effective purification, resulting in low extractable residues
  • The Merocel PVA is gamma-radiated to destroy mold spores and other microorganisms that cause contamination in the final product
  • The Merocel nasal dressing is highly absorbent up to 21 times its weight in fluid
  • The biocompatible dressing is high in purity and features excellent wet state elasticity
  • The dressing is resistant to many chemicals and is durable and long-lasting
  • This X-ray detectable dressing is used to control pore size ranges from 0.0001 mm - 0.2 mm
  • The 100% fiber free nasal dressing is soft and compressible for easy insertion
  • Potential applications include:
    ◦ Drug delivery
    ◦ Tissue and growth storage medium
    ◦ Skin transport and storage medium
    ◦ Diagnostics
    ◦ OB/GYN
    ◦ Wound care, dressings, and bandages
    ◦ Hemostatic control
    ◦ Bacterial static control
    ◦ Veterinarian care
    ◦ Dental applications
    ◦ Home healthcare
  • These dressings are available in the size of 8 cm and comes with Drawstring
  • They come in a standard packing of 10 dressings per pack