• Medtronic Piton Y-Adaptor
  • Medtronic Piton Y-Adaptor

Medtronic Piton Y-Adaptor

Medtronic Cardio Vascular


  • Piton Y-Adaptor
  • With hemostasis valve
  • Sterile
  • Single patient use
  • For interventional procedures
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  • SMB Code : I85-585
  • MFG Code : AC4001M
  • Pack Size : Box of 5
  • MRP : 10000
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  • The Medtronic Piton Y-Adaptor is to be used to facilitate the use of catheters and guide wires during interventional procedures
  • The Y-adaptor with hemostasis valve is designed to be used on a guiding catheter or dilatation catheter to control back bleeding and to provide a port for introduction of fluids into the interventional system
  • This instrument is designed for use by physicians engaged in the practice of a specialised branch of medicine
  • Improper tightening of the connection between the Y-adaptor and accompanying equipment may result in introduction of air into the vascular system
  • The device is meant for single patient use
  • Instructions to use Y-adaptor with guiding catheter:
    - Thread the dilation catheter through the hole in the cap of the Y-adaptor
    - Flush thoroughly to remove air
    - Advance the dilatation catheter into the guiding catheter
    - To join rotating connector of the Y-adaptor (with the dilatation catheter passing through it) to the guiding catheter, vigorously flush forward through the adaptor to remove air while allowing back bleeding through the guiding catheter. This will permit a fluid-fluid interface while the adaptor is attached to the guiding catheter.
  • Instructions to use Y-adaptor with dilatation catheter:
    - Attach the rotating connector to the hub of the dilatation catheter
    - Flush thoroughly to remove any air that might be trapped in the device
    - Insert the distal tip of the appropriate guide wire into the hub of the guide wire insertion tool. Insert the guide wire insertion tool through the Y-adaptor and advance the guide wire into the desired device
    - Remove the guide wire insertion tool, and tighten down the Y-adaptor hemostasis valve until no back bleeding is ebident
  • Precautions:
    - This device has been delivered sterile
    - Thoroughly inspect the device prior to use to verify that no damage has occurred during handling


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