•  Mytest One Step Chikungunya IgM Test Kit

Mytest One Step Chikungunya IgM Test Kit

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  • Pack of 25
  • Store at 2-40 degree C
  • For in-vitro diagnostic use
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  • MFG Code : MTR01225
  • Pack Size : Pack of 25
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  • The Mytest One Step Chikungunya IgM Rapid Test is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of IgM anti-chikungunya virus in human serum or plasma
  • It is intended to be used as a screening test and as an aid in the diagnosis of infection with Chikungunya
  • It is meant for in-vitro diagnostic use only
  • Kit contains:
    ◦ Mytest Chikungunya IgM Device individually foil puched with a desiccant
    ◦ Assay Buffer
    ◦ Sample Applicator (Optional)
    ◦ Package insert (instruction for use)
  • Chikungunya is an infection caused by the chikungunya virus (CHIKV). The symptoms for Chikungunya include fever and joint pain. These symptoms generally occur two to twelve days after exposure. Other symptoms for Chikungunya may include headache, muscle pain, joint swelling, and rashes. Mostly patients recover within a week if proper treatment is taken; however, occasionally the joint pain may last for months. The risk of death due to Chikungunya is around 1 in 1,000. The very young, old, and those with other health problems are at risk of more severe disease
  • Chikungunya is rarely fatal. The virus remains in the human system for 5-7 days and mosquitoes feeding on an infected person during this period can also become infected.
  • The disease shares some clinical signs with dengue and zika, and can be misdiagnosed in areas where they are common. There is no cure for the disease. Treatment is focused on relieving the symptoms. The proximity of mosquito breeding sites to human habitation is a significant risk factor for chikungunya.
  • There are no specific treatments for chikungunya. There is no vaccine currently available. Chikungunya is treated symptomatically, usually with bed rest, fluids, and medicines
  • Chikungunya virus is transmitted to people through mosquito bites. Mosquitoes become infected when they feed on a person already infected with the virus. Chikungunya virus is most often spread to people by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. These are the same mosquitoes that transmit dengue virus
  • The only way to prevent chikungunya is to prevent mosquito bites. Preventing bites is difficult, but it is important, as you can get sick after just one bite

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