• Newtech ClearCVC Central Venous Catheter Kit - Quad Lumen

Newtech ClearCVC Central Venous Catheter Kit - Quad Lumen


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  • SMB Code : I22-154
  • MFG Code : NT/CVCK/QD/8505
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 3105
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  • Movable wing/clamp allow anchorage at puncture site regardless of depth of catheter
  • This minimizes trauma and irritation to the exit site. Printed depth markings assists in accurate central venous placement from the right or left subclavian or jugular vein approaches.
  • Soft tips are less traumatic to the vessel, minimizing vessel erosion, hemothorax, and cardiac tamponed
  • It is available in Quad lumen version
  • Radiopacity allow fluoroscopic confirmation of catheter placement
  • The multi‐lumen version are more radiopaque at the tip to easily confirm fluoroscopic tip placement
  • Vessel dilators allow “super soft” catheters to be easily placed ercutanesously, thereby ensuring a soft catheter / vein interface
  • Quality & Economy‐sold at competitive prices and manufactured under world class requirements

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