• Niscomed Bi-PAP Full Face Mask

Niscomed Bi-PAP Full Face Mask



  • Size: S/M/L
  • Forehead Frame Support
  • Diffusing Vent
  • Dual Wall Cushion
  • Quickfit Clips
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  • SMB Code : I80-117
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  • Pack Size : Single
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  • The Niscomed Bi-PAP Full Face Mask is equipped with forehead frame support which allows for improved comfort and seal
  • The mask is backed with a simple detachable silicone mask seal with anatomically mold feature
  • The lightweight mask comes with a dual wall cushion made of soft silicon material with ergonomic pad shape which provides more comfort and better seal
  • The diffusing vent disperses air gently and quietly away from bed partner
  • It features quickfit clips which allows for easy fitting even in the dark
  • The mask is available in Small/ Medium and Large sizes

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