•  Omron NE-C28 Nebulizer
  •  Omron NE-C28 Nebulizer
  •  Omron NE-C28 Nebulizer
  •  Omron NE-C28 Nebulizer
  •  Omron NE-C28 Nebulizer

Omron NE-C28 Nebulizer



  • Kit contains 9 items
  • For Adults & Children
  • Virtual valve technology
  • Autoclavable
  • 3 years extended warranty
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  • SMB Code : I59-4
  • MFG Code : NE-C28
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 2970
2892.96 (3% Off)

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  • The Omron NE-C28 Nebulizer is developed for efficient treatment of asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory disorders
  • The nebulizer is usable for both adults and children
  • The nebulizer has a virtual valve technology which allows for exhalation through mouthpiece. User can synchronize breathing with nebulization, hence reducing medication wastage.
  • The nebulizer set provides a dense aerosol in the therapeutic range
  • It has a 7 ml medicine cup and leaves minimal residual medication
  • The nebulizer ensures efficient delivery of medication
  • Its small particle size of output (MMD approx. 5 microns) reaches lungs efficiently
  • The nebulizer leaves minimal residual medication and is easy to operate
  • The nebulizer set contains:
    ◦ Compressor
    ◦ Nebulizer kit
    ◦ Air tubes
    ◦ 5 pieces replacement filters
    ◦ Mouth piece
    ◦ Adult mask
    ◦ Child mask
    ◦ Carrying bag
    ◦ Instruction manual
  • Technical specifications:
    ◦ MMAD (Mass median aerodynamic diameter) approximately 5 micrometer
    ◦ Nebulization rate : 0.4 milliliter per minute (without cap)
    ◦ Medication cup capacity: 7 ml

    Brochure: Omron NE-C28- View PDF

Customer reviews

Varinder Chopra
For someone suffering from bronchitis, the Omron nebuliser is an absolute relief giver. It is handy and easy to operate. Go for it if you're looking for a nebuliser for children and adults