• Palindrome Symmetric Tip Chronic Dialysis Catheter - Pre Curved

Palindrome Symmetric Tip Chronic Dialysis Catheter - Pre Curved

Medtronic Covidien Renal Care Solutions


  • Available in 2 Lengths
  • Box of 5
  • Pre Curved
  • Diameter: 14.5 Fr
  • Unique Symmetric Tip
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  • SMB Code : I122-31
  • MFG Code : 8888145058
  • Pack Size : Box of 5
  • MRP : 152250
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  • The Palindrome Symmetric Tip Chronic Dialysis Catheter is a pre curved catheter which reduces the likelihood of re-intervention, recirculation and positional occlusion, and promotes continuous flow between dialysis treatments
  • It features an outer diameter of 14.5 Fr
  • It provides consistent flow rates of 450mL/min, exceeding K-DOQI guideline recommendations for access flow rates while minimizing the size of the catheter insertion site
  • The internal lumen design provides equal, consistent flow rates with low arterial and venous pressures
  • Its high tensile strength Carbothane material optimizes the inner diameter integrity, allowing for kink resistance, flexibility for placement and high flow rates
  • It also allows for quick visualization during diagnostic imaging
  • It is designed with a unique symmetric tip which allows continuous flow between dialysis treatments and reduces the likelihood of re-intervention
  • The laser-cut surfaces are smooth and decrease the likelihood of positional occlusion and clot formation by minimizing debris attachment
  • The side slots allow for flow through the catheter slot surface between dialysis treatments, which assists in keeping the tip patent
  • The clear silicone extensions with thermoset memory which resist kinking and crimping with repeated clamping and use, reducing blood flow inhibition
  • They come in a standard packing of 5 units per box


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