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  •      Polymed Polytrol Micro IV Infusion Set with Flow Regulator

Polymed Polytrol Micro IV Infusion Set with Flow Regulator



  • Box of 25
  • With Flow Regulator
  • 20 drops/ml
  • Transparent Chamber
  • Tube Length: 150 cms
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  • SMB Code : I132-131
  • MFG Code :
  • Pack Size : Box of 25
  • MRP : 14400
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  • The Polymed Polytrol Micro IV Set is equipped with sharp and easy piercing air vented spike
  • The flow regulator is integrated with IV infusion set for precise flow control
  • The flow rate of the IV set is 5ml/hr to 250ml/hr
  • It is to be used for gravity feed only
  • The IV set has a transparent and flexible drip chamber
  • The IV set comes with a soft and kink resistant PVC tubing which ensures uniform flow rate
  • The length of the tube is 150 cms
  • Smooth roller clamp are provided to this IV set to facilitate easy, safe control and adjustment of fluid rates
  • The internal tube diameter is 3.0 mm
  • The outer tube diameter is 4.1 mm
  • They come in a standard packing of 25 units per box

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