• Romsons Ventilator Circuit

Romsons Ventilator Circuit

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  • Mechanical ventilation often functions as a supportive measure for patients during acute illness.
  • It helps to take away the patient?s breathing effort, provides required amount of breathing gas and ensuring oxygenation to the patient
  • Romsons have four different models to suit the different kind of ventilating machine required.
    Ventilator Cicuit with Fixed Elbow: #22 mm male / female parallel connector.
  • 1.6 metre / 22 mm corrugated tube.
  • 22 mm male / female circuit adopter.
    Ventilator Cicuit with Filter: #Provided with Heat moisture exchanger Bacteria / Viral filter.
  • It helps in giving bacteria free air to the patient.
  • HME fliter is also available spare, if required.
    Ventilator Circuit With Single Water Trap & Double Water Trap: #22 mm male and 15 mm female Angle connector with luer port.
  • Parallel connector with patient port for temperature monitoring & capnography.
  • 22 mm corrugated tube of 78 cm with single and double water trap.
  • 22 mm female / male circuit adopter.
  • Extra tubing with circuit adopter, provided for humidifier.
  • Circuit is ETO Sterile.


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