• Romsons RMS Blood Administration Set

Romsons RMS Blood Administration Set



  • With luer lock
  • Box of 25
  • Conforms ISO 1135-4 standard
  • Cylindrical drip chamber
  • Tube length: 150 cm
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  • SMB Code : I46-3
  • MFG Code : SS-3052
  • Pack Size : Box of 25
  • MRP : 2875
493.9 (83% Off)

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  • The Romsons RMS Blood Administration Set is available with or without 19G vein needle
  • It has a kink resistant tube with a tube length of 150 cm
  • The device is provided with a cylindrical drip chamber with 200 micron filter to prevent passage of any clot into the chamber
  • Its sharp non-vented spike is suitable for blood bags and all type of standard blood containers
  • It has a flash ball type injection port for extra medication
  • It has an efficient roller controller for accurate adjustment of infusion rate
  • It is sterile and conforms to ISO 1135-4 standard
  • It is available with luer lock and come in a standard packing of 25 units per box

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