• Schuelke Thermosept Xtra Instrument Detergent

Schuelke Thermosept Xtra Instrument Detergent

Schuelke India


  • Volume: 5 Litres
  • Mildly alkaline (pH >10)
  • Optimal material compatibility
  • High economic efficiency
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  • SMB Code : I60-22
  • MFG Code : 127604
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 8000
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  • The Schuelke Thermosept Xtra Instrument & Equipment Detergent is designed for the automated cleaning of medical instruments and accessories (surgical instruments, MIP/microinstruments (including robotic instruments), materials used in anaesthesia, ophthalmological instruments, flexible and rigid endoscopes, containers and other instruments commonly used in the Central Sterile Supply Department), and for use in washers/disinfectors
  • The detergent offers excellent cleaning performance and is optimal material compatible
  • Composition:
    - Standard concentration 0.5 % (5 ml/l). Depending on the degree of soiling, a concentration of 0.3 – 0.8 % (3 - 8 ml/l) is possible. Dosing is performed by machine-integrated dosing pumps
  • Application areas:
    - For use in cleaning devices, conveyor belt systems and container cleaning systems
    - Removes organic contaminants such as blood, proteins, tissue residues as well as mucus and fatty impurities
    - Allows excellent compatibility with materials, even with sensitive materials such as anodized aluminum and non-ferrous metal. With a pH of >10, a ten-minute
  • Instructions for use:
    - Do not use thermosept X·tra in combination with other products (if cleaning solution is not pumped out)
    - The use of purified water is recommended. The neutralization step required for classical alkaline cleaning agents is not necessary.
    - When preparing ocular instruments, two interim rinsing steps with purified water before thermal disinfection are recommended
    - Please follow the application instructions of the machine manufacturers
    - Cleaning temperature standard: 55 °C, 10 minutes
    - Cleaning indicators: All common indicators can be used
  • These are available in the pack size of 5 litres


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