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Smith & Nephew Allevyn Cavity Foam Dressing

Smith & Nephew


  • Available in 4 Sizes
  • Unique 3D structure
  • Pack of 5/ 10 Dressings
  • Silicone Gel Adhesive
  • Triple Layer Dressing
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  • SMB Code : I26-46
  • MFG Code : 66007327
  • Pack Size : Box of 5
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  • The Smith & Nephew Allevyn Cavity Foam Dressings combine the Allevyn hydro cellular technology with a unique three dimensional structure for effective management of deep wounds
  • The core consists of highly absorbent hydro cellular foam chips and the outer layer is made from non adherent perforated film
  • These are designed specifically for deep wounds and their high absorbency can be attributed to dual absorption of the exudate – through capillary action by the foam chips and by absorption into the foam structure. This reduces the number of dressing changes required
  • The Allevyn Cavity dressings are soft and pliable which lends to their conformability
  • The shape of the dressing ensures that there is optimal contact with the surface of the wound
  • The dressing maintains a moist wound healing environment for faster healing
  • Indicated Applications:
    ◦ Pressure sores
    ◦ Pilondial Sinuses (cyst/ abscess that ouccrs on the cleft at top of the buttocks)
    ◦ Surgical excisions/ incisions
  • Allevyn Cavity dressings are not meant for reuse. Forceps should not be used to place the dressing as perforation of the dressings can happen. Lastly, these dressings should not be used with oxidising agents such as hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorite solutions and as they may be reactive to the foam of the dressings
  • Allevyn Cavity dressings are available in 4 sizes/ variants:
    ◦ 5cm circular dressings in a standard pack of 10 per box
    ◦ 10cm circular dressings in a standard pack of 5 per box
    ◦ 9cm X 2.5cm tubular dressings in a standard pack of 10 per box
    ◦ 12cm X 4cm tubular dressings in a standard pack of 5 per box


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