• Tidy Adult Diapers - Medium

Tidy Adult Diapers - Medium

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  • Pack Size : Box of 10
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  • The Tidy Adult Diapers are standard variants from the Tidy family
  • These adult diapers offer maximum protection from incontinence in elderly age
  • This adult diaper from Tidy have a soft inner lining and is equipped with super absorbing capacity
  • The Tidy adult diaper is recommended by doctors for use by patients suffering from prostate disorders, piles, incontinence, urology disorders and diabetes
  • These Tidy adult diapers are also meant for use by those persons who are paralysed, bed ridden or suffering from some form of disability
  • These adult diapers are easy to wear and remove
  • These diapers offer a mix of protection and hygiene and leave you secure for hours giving a comfortable fit
  • These unisex diapers are well aerated to let your skin breathe
  • The Tidy adult diapers are available in the standard packing of 10 diapers per pack
  • It is recommended to change the diaper daily to prevent diaper rash
  • These are designed to absorb and contain urine and/or fecal matter, while ensuring that skin remains dry and odours are contained. Adult diapers usually come with elasticized legs and self-adhesive tabs to secure the disposable briefs and create a close fit.
  • These Tidy adult diapers can be used by adults who are bedridden, sick or handicapped or who are unable to attend nature calls during travel. These adult diapers are most commonly used by senior citizens or old age patients who suffers from sleepless nights due to excessive urination. These adult diapers are a perfect pick for people with fractured knee or leg or people suffering from any kind of leg injury. These diapers are also used for post operative and post pregnancy care or patients suffering from burns and trauma or for unconscious patients


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