• Tridezyme Plus Enzymatic Detergent

Tridezyme Plus Enzymatic Detergent


  • Presoak plus cleaner
  • Fast acting
  • Low foaming detergent
  • Easy rinsing
  • Expiry: June'2018
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  • SMB Code : I19-44
  • MFG Code : FZDT181000
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 1799
487.2 (73% Off)

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  • Proteolytic enzymes penetrate and break down protein and organic matter
  • Presoak plus cleaner: one step process reduces the need for mechanical cleaning and unnecessary exposure to contaminated equipment
  • Fast acting: Results start in just one minute
  • Low foaming detergent ensures safety in scope reprocessors and ultrasonic cleaners
  • Easy rinsing
  • Does not leave behind the film on instruments or clog scopes
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Effective even at room temperature
  • Directions for use:
    - Dispense 8 ml to 16 ml per litre of water as per concentration for pre-cleaning of instruments
    - Soak instruments immediately after use at least for one minute
    - Extend soak time if instruments have dried on matter
    - Flush detergent through all channels and lumens of instruments
    - Rinse the instruments and lumens of instruments thoroughly with water and dry
    - The instrument which requires sterilization should be rinsed with sterile water using aseptic technique
    - Discard residual solution and used container