• ULV Micro Fogger Machine - Steel Finish

ULV Micro Fogger Machine - Steel Finish

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  • Excellent control of droplet
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Body
  • Chemical Level Indicator
  • Portable
  • Easy to Use
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  • SMB Code : I92-1
  • MFG Code : ULV-M4
  • Pack Size : Single
  • MRP : 17700

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  • The ULV Micro Fogger Machine provides excellent control of droplet size, even for near invisible 0.5-10 micron droplets needed by concentrated ULV chemicals
  • The Micro Fogger can treat 20-4,000 cubic feet per minute, reducing application time
  • When there is a need of high output and large droplets, the Micro Fogger is just as effective
  • It can deliver up to 150 ml/min in a mist of large (30 micron) drop-lets used in humidification, dust abatement and sanitizing work
  • The advanced Micro Fogger can apply either oil- or water-based chemicals
  • It’s easy to calibrate when changing liquids
  • It covers the maximum area as compared to any other conventional fumigator
  • It is engineered with a 304 grade stainless steel body and is equipped with a chemical level indicator
  • It comes with a pre-fitted liquid flow control valve for ease of use
  • Uses of Fogger Machine:
    ◦ Humidification (Fogging Water)
    ◦ Odour Control (Fogging odour Neutralizers, Scents or Masking chemicals)
    ◦ Applications of Insecticides
    ◦ Application Of Germicides or Sanitizing Chemicals For Cleaning & Sanitation Purposes
    ◦ Control of mold and mildew (Applying Sporicides, Fungicides or anti-mildew Chemicals)
  • How to Use:
    ◦ Add chemical solution to the liquid tank
    ◦ Plug the fogger power cord into a grounded power outlet
    ◦ Using the calibrated flow rate and dosage instructions provided by the chemical manufacturer, calculate the time required to properly fog the area
    ◦ Adjust the angle of the fogger power head for the space you are treating (point the nozzle slightly up for max distance)
    ◦ Aim the fog output towards area requiring treatment. For space fogging select the direction of greatest clearance so fog droplets can fill the space (droplets that hit something will condense).
    ◦ Confirm the flow control valve is set to desired setting, and turn on the fogger

    Brochure: ULV Fogger Stainless Steel - View PDF


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