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Datt Velcast Polyester Casting Tape

Datt Mediproducts


  • Size: 5cm X 3.6m
  • Single Pack/ Pack of 6
  • For orthopaedic casting
  • Water resistant
  • Colour: Graphic Yellow
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  • SMB Code : I38-11
  • MFG Code : 777559-6
  • Pack Size : Box of 6
  • MRP : 7704
2,325.1 (70% Off)

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  • Datt Velcast Polyester Casting Tape is used for immobilization in orthopaedic cases
  • The casting tape has many features including: rigidity, durability, smooth moulding, good setting time (functional strength in 20 minutes), water resistance, easy application and removal and radiolucency (transparent under x ray).
  • Velcast is lighter and more robust than traditional plaster of paris (POP) bandages and conforms to body areas without wrinkle formation
  • Velcast offers protection against sudden impact
  • It is available in single and multiple packing (Pack of 6). The single packs contains a pair of gloves as well
  • Velcast polyester casting tape is available in the size 5cm * 3.6m

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