Cardio Thoracic Surgery

Cardio Thoracic Surgery


Cardio Thoracic Surgery Supplies

Equipment and accessories used in Cardio Thoracic surgery are available on Smart Medical Buyer at the best prices online. We have direct tie-ups with companies like Medtronic, Polymed, G Surgiwear, Romsons, among several others which have a wide range of Cardio thoracic surgery supplies and products.

Types of Cardio Thoracic Surgery Products available on Smart Medical Buyer

1.Arterial Filters & Holders

Arterial Filters are used to remove gas emboli, RBCs, debris and fat emboli during cardiopulmonary bypass procedures

2.Cardioplegia Delivery System

Cardioplegia Delivery System consist of infusion system with pressure monitor, cardioplegic heat exchanger etc for cardioplegia solution delivery during surgical procedures

3.Coronary Shunt

Coronary Shunt provides myocardial protection and ensures adequate blood supply to distant part of heart

4.CTVS Accessories

CTVS Accessories includes Drainage Bags, Drapes, Connectors, Vascular loops, cardio perfusion cannula, Ventricular sump, snugger set etc.

5.CTVS Suture Kits

CTVS Suture Kits includes Non-absorbable and absorbable suture, pacing wires, Bone wax etc

6.Oxygenation Systems & Stands

Oxygenation Systems are used for patients requiring cardiopulmonary bypass procedures

7.Custom Tubing Pack - Cardiac Surgery

These are customized packs having exact specifications and contain perfusion accessories such as connectors, tubing, purge lines etc

Why buy Cardio Thoracic Surgery Supplies on Smart Medical Buyer?

Smart Medical Buyer boasts the most popular Cardio Thoracic Surgery Supplies and brands as part of its large catalogue. There are no individual minimum order quantities making it is easier for you to order as per your requirement. We also offer the best prices online for Cardio Thoracic Surgery Supplies because of our direct tie ups with manufacturers and distributors.