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Cath Lab Products

Cath Lab Products


Cath Lab Products Online in India

Cath Lab consumables such as Diagnostic Catheters, Femoral Introducer Sheaths, Radial Sheaths, Guide Catheters, Angiography Drapes, PTCA Balloons, Pacing Wires etc. are available on Smart Medical Buyer. These products are used in interventional cardiology procedures such as Angiograpgy and Angioplasty.

Types of Cath Lab Products

1.Angiography Drape

This is a waterproof drape providing minimum fabric transfer during surgery

2.Angiography Kit

This kit contains equipment utilized during angiography procedure like IV sets, ports, introducer needle, and syringe with luer lock

3.Aspiration Catheter

Aspiration Catheter is used for thrombus removal and debridement

4.Coronary Control Syringe

Coronary Control Syringe have a solid plunger body to maintain stability and durability under pressure.

5.Coronary Diagnostic Catheter

These catheters are used to evaluate and identify cardiovascular conditions in procedures such as angiography

6.Coronary Diagnostic Guide Wire

A guide wire is used during angiography procedure and have a tapered core for minimal vessel damage

7.Coronary Drug Eluting Balloon

These drug eluting balloons are used to release drug into vessel wall upon inflation

8.Coronary Drug Eluting Stent

Coronary DES is placed into peripheral or coronary blood vessel and releases drug that prevents fibrosis

9.Embolectomy Catheters

The Embolectomy Catheter is utilized to remove fresh emboli in peripheral artery system.

10.Coronary Guiding Catheter

A Coronary Guiding Catheter are used to enhance visualization of coronary shapes

11.Femoral Introducer Sheath

Femoral Introducer Sheath provide support and visualization

12.Inflation Device

Inflation devices are used for catheter dilation and dispensing fluids.

13.Inflation Device Kit

The inflation device kit includes Inflation device, 3 way stopcock, Piton-Y adaptor, Metal Guide wire insertion tool, Torque Handle

14.Introducer Needle

Introducer needle provides access to blood vessel during coronary procedures

15.Intra Aortic Balloon Pump Catheter (IABP)

Intra Aortic Balloon Pump Catheter (IABP) is a device that is inserted in the aorta to facilitate pumping action of heart.


A manifold is a multiport device used during catheterization and angiography

17.Pacing Wire

A pacing wire is placed to control arrhythmia

18.Peel Away Sheath

Peel Away Sheath is used for smooth catheter insertion

19.PTCA Balloon - Semi-Compliant

This is used during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

20.PTCA Guide Wires

These guide wire are used for navigation in coronary arteries

21.PTCA Balloon - Non-Compliant

PTCA Balloon - Non-Compliant are used for high pressure capacity and trackability

22.PTCA Balloon - CTO

PTCA Balloon – CTO are utilized for their pushability, flexibility and trackablity

23.PTCA Kit

PTCA Kit contains equipment used in percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty like IV Sets, Needles, Port, Manifold, Torque Device, Control Syringe, Connector, High pressure tubing and Pressure monitoring Line

24.PTCA Y Connector

Y Connector is a hemostatic device for both diagnostic and interventional procedures during Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty

25.Radial Closure Band

Radial Closure Band assists in the hemostasis of radial artery post transradial procedures

26.Radial Diagnostic Catheter

Radial Diagnostic Catheter are utilized for radial access of left and right coronary arteries

27.Radial Sheath

Radial Sheath is used to obtain guide wire

28.Transseptal Introducer Sheath

Transseptal Introducer Sheath allows for arterial access facilitating interventional procedure

29.Transseptal Needles

Transseptal Needles are used for access of heart during interventional and diagnostic procedures

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