Cleaning and Waste Management

Cleaning And Waste Management

Cleaning and Waste Management 

Cleaning and waste management is a crucial step to prevent transmission of diseases in medical health care set ups. Biomedical waste is waste of laboratory or medical origin which may be contaminated with infectious materials. Biomedical waste can be generated in the course of diagnosis, prevention, detection and treatment of diseases or during healthcare research. It is mostly produced in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, morgues, dental clinics, blood banks, medical research labs, dental clinics and veterinary clinics. Biomedical waste includes all the waste generated in various areas of the hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and health care set ups such as packaging, used bandages and dressings, used infusion kits, blood, sharps, unwanted biological cultures and stocks, human tissue material, fluids, needles, syringes etc. 

Biomedical waste includes:

1.Chemical Wastes

This includes reagents and chemicals commonly used in healthcare labs and setups. These wastes can cause corrosion, burns and poisoning

2.Pharmaceutical Waste

This includes expired and non-usable substances

3.Pathological Wastes

This includes body parts and fluids

4.Infectious Wastes

This includes wastes that have been collected from isolation wards, lab cultures etc. 

5.High Metal Content waste

This includes batteries, thermometers etc. used in the medical industry 


This includes needles, syringes, knives, scalpels etc. 

7.Genotoxic Waste

This includes cytotoxic and genotoxic substances. These wastes may carcinogenic, mutagenic and irritating

8.Pressurized containers

This includes gas cylinders, aerosol cans etc. 

Smart Medical Buyer offers a range of products for cleaning and waste management exclusively for the environment of a healthcare set up. The product portfolio of Smart Medical Buyer’s cleaning and waste management products includes:

1.Biomedical Waste Collection Bags

Biomedical waste collection bags allow for proper segregation and disposal of wastes which may otherwise prove to be a source of transmission of diseases, contaminants and infectious materials. Bio medical waste collection bags are categorized using various colours to differentiate between different types of medical wastes: 

Yellow – This colour codes for animal and human anatomical waste 

Red – This colour codes for plastic waste like tubing, catheters and IV sets 

Blue – This colour codes for solid or sharp medical waste like needles, syringes, scalpels etc. 

Black – This colour codes for chemical wastes, discarded medicines, cytotoxic drugs and incineration ash

2.Cleaning Kit

These cleaning kits have been assembled keeping in mind the requirements of a healthcare set up. They consist of head caps, face masks, protective PVC aprons, hand gloves and shoe covers. It is a crucial kit to prevent the transmission of diseases to the people responsible for keeping the hospital clean 

3.Needles and Sharps Disposal Devices

These devices collect sharps and used needles and allow for their safe collection before they are disposed off as per guidelines. Sharp containers prevent needle stick injuries, accidental puncturing and transmission of diseases 

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