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Dialysis Supplies

Dialysis Supplies

Dialysis Supplies 

Dialysis is a medical procedure used to remove excess water, toxins and solutes from the blood artificially. The dialysis procedure’s working principle is that substances of water move from an area of high concentration to the area of low concentration through a semi permeable membrane. This mechanism is like the natural mechanism of the kidney that occurs in the glomerulus. Dialysis also ensures that certain important chemicals are retained in the body and also maintains the blood pressure of the body. Dialysis is usually indicated after the kidneys have lost 85 -90 % of the kidney function and require dialysis to maintain normal functioning. 

There are two types of dialysis:

1. Hemodialysis

In hemodialysis, the wastes and water are removed through circulating the blood in an external fluid known as the dialyzer which is equipped with a semi permeable membrane 

2. Peritoneal Dialysis

In peritoneal dialysis, the peritoneum present in the abdomen is used as a natural semi permeable membrane and wastes and water are removed into the dialysate in the abdominal cavity 

The dialysis supplies on Smart Medical Buyer include – 

1.AV Fistula Needle

2.Dialysis Guidewire 

3.Hemodialysis Catheter Kit

4.Hemodialysis/AV Tubing Kit

5.Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter and Kit  

6.Transducer Protector


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