IV, Infusion & Transfusion

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IV, Infusion & Transfusion

Infusion, Transfusion & IV Supplies are a basic requirement to run any hospital or nursing home. IV Supplies include products like Intravenous (IV) Sets, Blood Transfusion (BT) Sets, Central Venous Catheters, Extension Lines, Flow Regulators, Pressure Monitoring Lines, IV Cannulas, Scalp Vein (SV) Sets, IV Dressings, IV Administration Sets, Stopcocks, Pressure Monitoring (PM) Lines, IV Connectors, Infusion Bags as well as other IV Accessories.

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1.Arterial Cannula

An arterial cannula is utilized during major surgeries and critical care areas to monitor blood pressure and arterial blood gas

2.Blood Administration Set/BT Set

Blood administration set is used for the purpose of safe transfusion of blood products and blood

3.Burette Chamber

Burette Chamber is utilized to administer medications and IV Fluid and has calibrations for viewing volume of fluid

4.Central Venous Catheter & Kit

Central Venous Catheter is inserted into the neck, chest, groin through the veins in a patients’ arm to administer drugs and other fluids

5.CVP Manometer

CVP Manometer is utilized for continuous or intermittent monitoring of central venous pressure during infusion

6.IV Accessories

This includes various accessories utilized during infusion therapy such as Flow Regulator, Cannula Fixator, Luer Lock, injection stopper, IV Connector, Cannula fixator, Multidose Adaptor, etc

7.IV Administration Set/Infusion Set

IV Administration Set/Infusion Set is consisting of spike, a tube, a roller clamp, a needle, a connector, an injection site, a drip chamber, an air vent, and a solution filter.

8.IV Cannula

IV Cannula is inserted in vein to create access for blood sampling, administration of fluids, medication, parenteral nutrition, chemotherapy for cancer drugs and blood products.

9.IV Dressing

IV dressings are medical grade dressings to hold intravenous (IV) catheters in place.

10.Micro Infusion Set

Micro Infusion Set are infusion sets for pediatric use

11.Pressure Infusor Cuff/ Infusor Bag

Pressure Infusor Cuff/ Infusor Bag allows for rapid infusion of solutions and fluids

12.Pressure Monitoring (PM) and Extension Lines

Pressure Monitoring (PM) and Extension Lines are utilized for high-pressure monitoring, to create a connection between the syringe infusion pump and the patient and for extending medical tubing.

13.Scalp Vein Set

Scalp Vein Set are winged infusion sets utilized for venipuncture


Stopcock provides a reliable connection and facilitates multiple lines

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