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Medical Equipment


Medical Equipment at best prices on Smart Medical Buyer

The functioning of a clinic, nursing home or hospital largely depends upon the installation of good quality medical equipment, from ECG Machines and Phototherapy Systems, from Bipap Machines to CPAP Machines, and from Stretchers to Patient Monitors. Smart Medical Buyer has the widest range of Medical Equipment at attractive prices. You can shop online on our portal and choose from a wide range of products for various applications.

Top Medical Equipment on Smart Medical Buyer

The medical equipment available on Smart Medical Buyer assists surgeons, doctors, and hospitals in ensuring good quality care and the best possible patient outcomes.

1.ECG Machine

ECG machine provides information on the heart rate and heart rhythm, chambers of the heart, any damage to the heart muscles, side effects of medication on the heart, cause of chest pain, monitor implanted mechanical devices such as pacemakers and abnormalities caused by other health conditions in the form of waveforms.

2.Integrated Diagnostic System

Integrated Diagnostic System incorporates various diagnostic equipment like ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, thermometry, blood pressure, and even vital signs devices

3.Medical Equipment Cover

Medical Equipment Covers are used to protect medical equipment from environmental damage

4.Medical Lights

Medical Lights are used for examination and increasing visibility during surgical and examination procedures.

5.Nellcor Sensors

Nellcor Sensors are used to measure SpO2 concentration in blood

6.Patient Monitoring System

Patient Monitoring System monitor the patient’s respiration, oxygen saturation in blood, invasive and noninvasive blood pressure, electrocardiograph, body temperature etc.

7.Phototherapy System

Different types of Phototherapy System are used to penetrate the tissues, muscles and bones, infrared heat speeds up Blood circulation to help body detoxify and increases blood vessel circulation. Phototherapy system are also used to breakdown bilirubin.

8.Stretchers & Immobilizers

Stretchers and Immobilizers are vital to transport patient in emergency situations.

9.Suction System

Suction systems and machines are medical devices used to aspirate tracheal secretions from the endotracheal tubes.

10.Vision Screening Equipment

Vision Screening equipment are devices designed to help users quickly and easily detect vision issues

Top Quality Hospital Equipment at Best Price

Smart Medical Buyer provides all kind of healthcare, medical and hospital supplies under one roof owing to our direct tie-ups with manufacturers and brands. You can now buy medical supplies and products at the click of a button and along with that, get the best deals and great discounts on your medical supplies as well. We have a wide range of products in categories like Surgical Supplies, Wound Care & Dressings, Urology. etc. which are regularly used in hospitals and nursing homes. Most popular companies like Ethicon, Romsons, Becton & Dickinson (BD), Stryker, Hindustan Syringes, Covidien, 3M Healthcare, Dentsply, Ivoclar Vivadent, Datt Mediproducts, Smith & Nephew, etc. are available at attractive rates on Smart Medical Buyer. All it takes is for you to come online, browse required products on our site and place orders with a few clicks. We have an array of payment options like Credit Card/Debit Card, NEFT/RTGS, Online Wallets like PayTM, Cash on Delivery (COD), etc. We provide doorstep delivery across India and access to a large product selection, especially valuable to doctors who run their own clinics and hospitals. If you have a new hospital or nursing home coming up, make sure you check out medical equipment on Smart Medical Buyer before you make a purchase decision.