Medical Printing Paper

Medical Printing Paper


Medical Printing Paper

Printing Paper like ECG Paper, EKG Paper, EEG Paper, CTG Paper, Foetal Monitor Paper, Ultrasound Paper, Analytical Paper, etc. is used to print the results of various diagnostic procedures in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and pathology labs. These consumables are an integral part of medical care especially in Cardiology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Neurology, Gastroenterology,etc.

Medical Printing Paper available on Smart Medical Buyer

Smart Medical Buyer has the two most popular medical printing paper brands in India - Bristol Cardioprint Paper and Arrow Paper, both of which are widely used across India. We have papers available for machines from various manufacturers like Aspen, GE, BPL, BTL, Edan, Fakuda Denshi, FQS, Aspel, FQW, HP, Hunleigh, L&T, Life Pack, Maestro Magic, Magic RsA, Mortara, Nihon Khoden, Philips, Quinton, RQS, Schiller, TMT, Universal and Welch Allyn.

1.Foetal Monitor Paper

Foetal Monitor paper helps in keeping clear and accurate record keeping of the fetal heart rate and provides a reliable reading.

2.Ultra Sound Paper

Ultra Sound Paper is compatible with sonography machines and Good quality ultrasound paper ensures legible and clear images.

3.CTG Paper

Cardiotocography paper or CTG paper is used to print a Cardiotocography to monitor fetal heart and contractions.

4.ECG Paper

ECG Paper is used to print an electrocardiograph that is used to detect heart abnormalities

5.Analytical Paper

Analytical Paper is available in roll and ensures clear print. Arrow and Cardioprint are trusted brands for analytical paper

Why should you buy Medical Printing Paper on Smart Medical Buyer?

Smart Medical Buyer is the simplest and best online portal in India to purchase Medical Printing Paper. We have multiple options for all brands of ECG Machines, Foetal Monitors, Ultrasound Machines and CTG Machines. We do not have a minimum order quantity for paper which is very helpful for doctors who have their own clinics and want to order in-line with their consumption. We also have the best prices online in India for Medical Paper because of our direct tie ups with manufacturers.