Point of Care Testing

Point Of Care Testing


Point of Care Testing (POCT)

Point of Care Testing is the medical diagnostic testing performed at the location where the patient is receiving medical care, even at the bedside. Various kinds of testing kits have been available for years, but a lot of tests have only recently started being available in simple and portable forms. The reason behind the popularity of POCT is to bring more convenience and immediacy to the testing.

Type of Products in Point of Care Testing available online in India on Smart Medical Buyer

1.Blood Collection Needle and Set

These sets are utilized to collect blood safely for testing purposes.

2.Blood Glucose Monitor, Test Strips & Lancets

Blood Glucose Monitors, Test Strips and Lancets are devices used to check the probable concentration of glucose present in blood.

3.Insulin Carrier

These are reliable carriers used for the transport of temperature critical diagnostic samples.

4.Pregnancy Test Kit

These are simple test kit to detect early pregnancy with a urine sample. These kits test for HcG hormone released only after implantation.

5.Rapid Testing Kits

These rapid testing kits can give a diagnosis based on antigen testing. Rapid testing kits are available for many diseases including Chikungunya, JEV, Malaria, Dengue, Hepatitis, Salmonella infection, syphilis, etc.

6.Urine Culture Bottle

These bottles allow for urine collection and storage for lab analysis.

7.Vacuum Blood Collection Tube/Vaccutainers

These vacuumed tubes are used for collection of predetermined quantity of blood.

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