Rehabilitation Products 

Rehabilitation products help to restore previous levels of strength after recovering from an illness, injury or surgery. These are healthcare aids/ devices used to compress, correct deformities and compensate for weakness after surgery, injury and stabilization treatments. These products are manufactured using the basics of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, engineering and patho-physiology to successfully rehabilitate a patient. Rehabilitation products on Smart Medical Buyer include: 

Abdominal and rib belts

Abdominal belts are constructed to support the muscles of the abdomen and their use is indicated in lumbar pain, post surgery, during pregnancy and post-caesarean section child deliveries. An abdominal belt may also reduce the risk of developing hernia, lumbar spine pain and post operation. Rib belts provide support, compression and stability to the structures surrounding the rib cage and thoracic spine. Rib belts are indicated for post operative care, chest trauma, fractures and rehabilitation after thoracic surgery

Ankle Brace and Support-

Ankle braces and supports are medical equipment used to compensate for weakness of the ankle, to heal sprains and strains, immobilize the joint, stabilize and control the motion of the ankle and correct deformities

Cast shoes and cast covers

Collars and cervical support

A cervical collar is commonly known as a neck brace and is used to provide support and stability to the neck. Cervical collars stabilize the top seven vertebrae C1-C7. Cervical collars are used in emergency conditions, whiplash injuries, strains, sprains and after a surgery

Compression stockings -

Compression stockings are specialized stockings which are worn to prevent the occurrence or the progression of venous disorders. Compression stockings work by maintain blood flow and reducing swelling or discomfort

Foot toe and heel support

These supports can support the ankle-toe-heel alignment or have independent functions like protection of bunion against rubbing, shock absorption, easing arch pain etc.

Lumbar and spinal support

Lumbar and back support are designed to treat and manage pain caused due to several reasons including sciatica, a slipped disk, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome, degenerative disk disease etc. Lumbar spinal and back supports can also stabilize the lumbar spine after an injury or surgery, reduce postural fatigue, maintain natural low back curve and alleviate pain due to mechanical stress

Physiotherapy aids

These aids help a person during physical therapy


Wrist, thumb and finger support

Thumb supports usually focus on isolating and stabilizing the thumb so that the function of fingers is not impaired


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