Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments

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Surgical instruments are tools designed to perform specific actions during a medical procedure like a surgery or operation. Surgery instruments have become the backbone of a hospital because of the wide range of procedures they are required and used in. Some surgical instruments are for general use, whereas others are for specific kinds of surgeries. Various types of Surgical Instruments like Endoscopic Staplers, Open Surgery Clip Appliers, Cautery Pencils, Ligating Clips, Endoscopic Shears & Cutters, Surgical Scissors, Tissue Sealers, Probes, Trocars, etc. are available on Smart Medical Buyer.

Use of Surgical Instruments

Surgeries are the most widely performed procedures in a hospital. Surgeries are needed to tackle problems in various parts of the body from the head to the toe. Surgical Instruments are used across medical specialties like General SurgeryCardiac SurgeryUrologyNeurologyGastroenterologyObstetrics & Gynaecology, Vascular Surgery, Ophthalmology, Dental Surgery, etc.

1.Electrosurgery Electrodes

Electrosurgery Electrodes are used during electrosurgery procedure and are available in multiple variants and adult, neonatal and infant sizes

2.Electrosurgery Forceps

Electrosurgery Forceps are utilized for superior control during electrosurgery procedure

3.Electrosurgery Grounding Pad

Electrosurgery pads are in contact with the skin and efficiently disperse current for improved thermal performance.

4.Electrosurgery/Cautery Pencil

Electrosurgery/Cautery Pencil are used during electrosurgery to cut, coagulate, desiccate or fulgurate biological tissue with the application of electric current.

5.Energy Generators

Energy Generators are used for powering devices

6.Ethicon Endo Harmonic Ultrasonic Devices

Ethicon Endo Harmonic Ultrasonic Devices include coagulators, shears, blades etc that contain piezoelectric transducers that convert electrical energy to ultrasonic vibration

7.Insufflation Needle

Insufflation Needle are used for establishing pneumoperitoneum before abdominal and laparoscopic procedures

8.Laparoscopic Hand Instruments

This includes Grasper, Dissector, Needle Holders, scissors, babcocks etc

9.Ligation Clips & Appliers

This includes Ligation Clips & Appliers used for endoscopic and open procedures

10.Minimally Invasive Access System

Minimally Invasive Access System are used for abdominal laparoscopy procedure

11.Surgical Staplers & Cutters

Surgical staplers and cutters are specialized instruments used in surgery to place staples/clips for closing skin wounds and to connect or remove parts of organs.

12.Tissue/ Vessel Sealers

Tissue/ Vessel Sealers are available in multiple variants for specialized open and laparoscopic procedures


Trocars function as a portal for the placement of other medical instruments like scissors, graspers, staplers etc

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