Surgical Supplies

Surgical Supplies


Surgical supplies Online in India at Smart Medical Buyer

Surgical supplies are specially designed instruments and products that are used during a surgical procedure. Some surgical supplies are designed for general use in surgery, while others are designed for a specific procedure or surgery. Therefore the nomenclature of surgical instruments follows certain patterns such as a description of the action it performs or the name of its inventor or a compound scientific name related to the kind of surgery it is used in relation to. Surgical supplies include not only devices that are required for the main surgical procedure, but also accessories to assist in the successful completion of the operation.

Types of Surgical Supplies

1.Absorbable Hemostats

Absorbable Hemostats assist in stopping bleeding. Absorbable Hemostats can be gelatin based, cellulose based etc.

2.Bone Wax

Bone Wax is an inert, non-absorbable, pliable material used to mechanically control the bleeding from bone during thoracic, orthopedic, oral and neuro surgery.

3.Gynaecology Supplies

Gynaecology Supplies are commonly used during gynecology procedures and include clamps, sutures, drape and delivery kit

4.Hernia Products

Hernia products are used in surgical correction of hernias. It includes meshes, tack fixation devices and hernia suture kits

5.Manual Vaccum Aspiration Products

Manual Vaccum Aspiration Products are utilized for surgical removal of retained products of miscarriage

6.Neurosurgery Products

Neurosurgery Products are commonly used in neurological surgery procedures like Cranial surgical mesh, Cerebral reservoir, Burr Hole cover, Cerebral stent, External drainage system, Peritoneal shunt, Hydrocephalus shunt, Neurosurgical plain, radiopaque & siliconesponges, Subcutaneous catheter, Ventricular drainage catheter, UNI Shunt, Subcutaneous Catheter, Neurosurgical radiopaque sponges, Ventricular Kit and Spinal drape.

7.Surgical Blades, Scalpels & Cutters

Surgical Blades, Scalpels & Cutters are commonly used in surgical procedures to make incisions.

8.Surgical Drapes and Covers

Surgical Drapes and covers are used to limit contamination during surgical and operative procedures

9.Surgical Hair Clippers/ Razors

Surgical Hair Clippers/ Razors are used for skin preparation prior to surgical procedures

10.Surgical Marker

Surgical Marker is utilized to mark the surgical, incisional and anatomical areas on a patient’s body.

11.Surgical Mops and Sponges

Surgical mop and Surgical Sponge are utilized in operation theatres for absorption of bodily fluids in a safe manner.

12.Surgical Wound Drainage Products

Surgical Wound Drainage Products are used for post-operative drainage

13.Tissue Adhesives and Sealants

Tissue Adhesives and Sealants are utilized to arrest bleeding, provide wound healing support and mechanically reduce bleeding or initiate a clotting cascade.

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