Becton Dickinson

Becton Dickinson (BD)

Becton Dickinson (BD) is the leading brand for medical consumables and disposables and has a very strong presence in India. BD is headquartered in New Jersey, United States and has a legacy of over 100 years. BD products are used at all healthcare provider facilities including OPD clinics, dental clinics, pathology laboratories, nursing homes, hospitals, blood banks and for home care. Product categories where BD is present include – injection systems, infusion therapy systems, anaesthesia systems, diabetic care and blood specimen collection. Most BD products are market leaders within their segments and are considered the gold standard for patient care and safety.

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BD’s product portfolio includes hypodermic needles, syringe with needle, syringe without needle, luer lock syringes, IV cannulas, safety IV cannulas, IV cannula without injection ports, arterial cannula, 3 way stop cocks, spinal needles, insulin syringe pen needle, pen needles, alcohol swabs, needles and sharps disposable containers and blood collection tubes (vaccutainers). Smart Medical Buyer sources and offers BD products at very attractive prices and offers shipping services all over India. These products can be ordered and bought online on Smart Medical Buyer with same day dispatch available for all the fast running codes. As a hospital, nursing home, doctor or dental practitioner you can buy BD products online in small and large quantities online on Smart Medical Buyer. You can even order box level quantities of these products and they shall be delivered to your doorstep.

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BD has some of the leading and fastest selling brands of medical consumables in India in its portfolio – Precision Glide Hypodermic Needles, BD Syringe without Needle, BD Hub Cutter, BD Sharp Collectors, BD Glide with TBL Insulin Syringe, Ultra Fine Insulin Pen Needles, Emerald Syringe without Needle, Venflon IV Cannula, Neoflon IV Cannula, Quincke Spinal Needle, Solomed Syringe without Needle, Emerald Syringe with Needle, Emerald Pro Syringe without Needle, Venflon Pro IV Cannula, Eclipse Blood Collection Tube, Discardit II Syringe without Needle, Solomed Syringe with Needle, Soloshot IX Syringe with Needle, Blunt Fill Safety Needle, Emerald Pro Syringe with Needle, Discardit II Syringe with Needle, Insyte W IV Cannula, Connecta 3 way Stop Cock and Venflon Pro Safety IV Cannulas. All these BD brands are available online at Smart Medical Buyer. You can view in detail the extensive BD catalogue on our site.