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BPL Medical Technologies is one of the pioneer Indian multinationals in the healthcare space. It spearheads efforts in medical technology and innovation since 1967. Their products and systems are certified by national and international quality agencies. Their commitment is to help customers experience great quality at an unparalleled value. Their high standards of product performance have made them the preferred choice for hospitals, clinics and practicing physicians across the country.

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BPL Medical Technologies is a trusted company that provides reliable products to its customers at cost effective rates. Their products conform to global standards of quality assurance and best practices. BPL has served the medical community for over four decades. Their commitment to service support is reflected in their wide network of customer care centers with a team of over 600 service personnel located even in the farthest corners of the country. This makes them one of the largest and the most accessible medical instrument and equipment companies in India. Products like Digital Blood Pressure Monitors, Digital Thermometers, Nebulizers, Foetal Heart Detectors, Orthopaedic Heating Belts and Pulse Oximeters from BPL are available on Smart Medical Buyer. Apart from BPL Medical, we also have other companies like Romsons, G Surgiwear, etc. which offer these products.